Tea Tree

Our Neem Leaves and essential oils are combined in this soap with characteristics of medicinal, mint & herbaceous.

Neem has been long known in Ayurdevic medicine in India. It is used to fight infection, both bacterial and viral, fever, burns, skin diseases and inflammatory conditions. The neem tree is native to India, and has been used in so many ways that it's difficult to count them all. From cleaning teeth and preventing gum disease to promoting restful sleep.  the neem tree has earned its reputation as a "wonder tree". An evergreen tree that is remarkably tolerant of both heat and drought. It has pesticide, germicide and medicinal properties, is resistant to termites and is often used in reforestation efforts. 

The leaves have anbibacterial and antiviral properties, and are often used skin treatment preparations. Its astringent properties make it an excellent treatment for skin conditions ranging from acne to eczema. It is used to treat ringworm and other parasitic skin infections and promotes healing of wounds. 

Our All Natural Neem Soap is handmade with: Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,  Apricot Kernel Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Neem Oil, & Essential Oil


Tea Tree
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